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It is the intent of Pecos County Memorial Hospital District to execute a contract with a bank wanting to be designated as the Depository for all public funds of Pecos County Memorial Hospital District
All bids shall be sealed and addressed to Betsy Briscoe, Chief Executive Officer, 387 W. IH 10, Fort Stockton, Texas 79735. Bids must be submitted no later than 4:00 pm April 14, 2023.
Duration - The bank contract will be effective May 1, 2023, for a 4 (four) year term. The contract shall allow the bank to establish, on the basis of negotiations, new interest rates and financial terms of the contract that will take effect during the final 2 (two) years of the 4 (four) year contract, if:
1. The new financial terms do not increase the cost to the district by more than 10%

2. The district has the option to use the initial variable interest rate option or to change
to the new fixed rate or variable interest rate options proposed by the bank.
Good Faith Guarantee - Bank must submit with bid a certified cashier's check for $100,000.00. Cashier's check will be returned to bidder(s) immediately following opening of bids (if not selected) and (if selected) upon signing of contract with Pecos County Memorial Hospital District.
Financial Statement - Bank must submit a statement showing the financial condition of the Bank on the date of the application.
Amount to be Pledged - The initial amount of securities to be pledged against Pecos County Memorial Hospital District funds shall be adequate to fully collateralize the funds of Pecos County Memorial Hospital District.
Amount to be pledged ____________%
Based upon market value and F.D.I.C. Insurance

Pecos County Memorial Hospital District depository will have approximately $15,000,000.00 (plus or minus) in combined funds during the contract. Bidder may fill in fixed rate and variable rate for consideration or may submit rates for one or the other.
It is recommended the variable rate be based on the 13 week Treasury Bill auction as published in the Wall Street Journal to be determined on the 1st business day of each month.
Fixed Rate: _________________________________________________________________

Variable Rate: _________________________________________________________________

Services: Please check the services you will provide and the charge (if any).
1. Services for investments on bond issues _____Yes _____No $____________
(Paying-receiving-canceling-transmitting-coupons and bonds)

2. Night Depository _____Yes _____No $____________
3. Safety Deposit Boxes _____Yes _____No $____________
4. Cashier's Checks/Money Orders _____Yes _____No $____________
5. Bank Drafts _____Yes _____No $____________
6. Deposit Slips _____Yes _____No $____________
7. Transfer of funds (Local Accounts) _____Yes _____No $____________
8. Transfer of funds (Non-Local Accounts) _____Yes _____No $____________
9. Stop Payments _____Yes _____No $____________
10. Any other bookkeeping services and/or charges not listed. Use separate page if necessary.
Bank must complete the following information to validate the bid for Managing Bank.
The undersigned affirms that they are fully authorized to execute this contract by providing the hospital with a resolution from the Board of Directors of the submitting bank authorizing and empowering the undersigned to execute this contract; that this Bank has not prepared this bid in collusion with any other bidder; and that the contents of this bid as to fees, interest rates, terms or conditions of said bid, have not been communicated by the undersigned, nor by any employee or agent, to any other bidder or to any other person(s) engaged in this type of business before the official opening of this bid.
All Unsigned Bids Will Be Disqualified
Name and Address of Bidder:
_______________________________ Signature: ______________________________
_______________________________ Name: _________________________________
_______________________________ Title: __________________________________
_______________________________ Phone No:______________________________

ATTEST: ___________________________________________

Pecos County Memorial Hospital does not and shall not discriminate based on race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations. Pecos County Memorial Hospital is an equal opportunity employer.

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